about me

a picture of me, evie!

hi, i'm evie.

i make strange things, like mspaint art and surrealist games with my girlfriend. in my spare time, i'm listening to a lot of music and probably sleeping. my interests include obsessing over weird games, cassettes, cooking burgers, handheld consoles, cats, women, soda, and lost media. you can check out the things i've worked on below!!

my art

rebirth (2022)

melt everyone (2022)

software (2022)

samwave (2022)

best rolled ls (2022)

god bless (2022)

a microsoft paint drawing of a creature with a parasitic attachment behind it's head
host (2021)
a microsoft paint drawing of a figure on all fours with spikes growing out of it's back
dog (2021)
a surreal microsoft paint drawing of a figure stopping at the impact of a blast
...she'll be rising (2021)

modus (2021)

ice person (2021)

shower (2021)

microsoft paint art of a figure falling into a void
void (2020)
microsoft paint art of an office worker with a face of smoke
co worker (2019)
microsoft paint art of a surrealist view of a figure on an audio waveform
roadside stranger (2018)

you can view more of my art by clicking right here!

my games

throw the switch
throw the switch (2019)
the ghost
the ghost (2022)
throw the switch remake
throw the switch. (2022)

Mega Late Mart (SOON)
the movie Hot Rod but for the Playstation 3, included as a Goof
Hot Rod (PS3, 2007)