hello! it's been a little while.

a nice sky with a blue/orange gradient

the southern sky never disappoints

i haven't forgotten about this website! actually the opposite, i've been sitting on a bunch of neat ideas that i think will make this website unique and hopefully a good reflection of the weird insane idiot i am.

to be honest, i have no idea what the hell i'm doing with this. i have a very slight grasp on web development and a lot of the real work is being held by my girlfriend jaycie, who actually has her shit together.

it's fun though, i think this is much more rewarding and exciting than social media, and it's all so personalized. i'm excited to get this place exactly how i want it.

anywho, i hope you're doing alright out there, if you're reading this! i'm gonna go back to listening to jerma complain at pikmin 2. see ya :>

image of three plushes, one of a rat, one of a white star shaped blob and one that is indescribable

new desk friends