howdy! just wanted to sliiide on by and hit ya with a quick website update!

two girls with face masks in a dollar general getting some late night snacks

a late night run for pop tarts and mini powdered donuts

so these past few months have been really all over the place, but the highlight has to be when jaycie came down to alabama for a little vacation! it was lovely spending some time with her, we filmed a lot of fun footage and ate a lot of good ass southern bbq and greek pizza. all in all i'd say it was a good trip and i can't wait to spend some time with her in may.

and when i say we filmed a lot of footage, i'm talking like.. 7 hours of hi-8 vhs footage clocking in at 10gb across 4 mp4s. i had an absolute blast editing all of it together for a music video, one for a 100 gecs song that means a lot to me right now.

we actually filmed a lot of footage, enough for two more videos that are both going to be released sometime this month, so stay tuned for those!! there's actually.. maybe more than just videos coming soon from me and jaycie? take a look for yourself... 👀

anyways, i hope you're doing well out there, wherever you are! i'm gonna keep downing pepsi zeros and making textures.. there's a lot of work to do in such little time......

an image of my hands holding a cassette player, the tape in it is They Might Be Giants' self-titled album