what the fuck?! it's been like... three months!!! since i've touched this site... time to fix this.

a mid air shot of atlanta at night, taken from a plane window

surreal to think those dots are cars. wonder what they're all up to

remember when i said last post me and my girlfriend jaycie were going to be spending more time together in may? well i spent a whole fucking month up there and it was legit the best time i've ever had in my life. i've never felt so loved and alive in my life. it's kinda ridiculous how much shit i saw up there. record stores, thrift stores, burger joints... it was amazing. the omaha area is particularly bustling and has a million different areas to explore.

three cuties inside of a walgreens

gay ass cuties

i've been back home in alabama since the fourth of june, and me and jaycie are concocting a plan for me to move in with her up there in nebraska. we've also looked into a possible job as a librarian's aide and that sounds like a perfect job for me. i love the idea of working quietly in a comfortable office environment instead of food service or retail. we'll see how that pans out.

a shot of a lake

now playing Fear of Music by Talking Heads

as of things i've worked on, i'm afraid there's not much to show. there's a few things i've drawn, but as of bigger projects, i'm a little short. doesn't mean i'll stop teasing all the wild shit we've got cooking for you that's due later this year!

an absolute mystery


i think that's just about everything i wanted to cover, besides some gratuitious pictures of burgers i ate up in omaha. let's see if my dumb ass can remember to update this when the gears start turning again, but for now, i'll leave you with an absolutely cursed photo of an almost abandoned shopping mall turned half gym, half school(???)...

an empty, almost abandoned shopping mall

"lord i see a fever dream before me now"